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Qilu lacquer industry won the national title of "Green Design Product" in 2021.

Recently, QLSJ-20 water-based architectural coating of Shandong Qilu Paint Co., Ltd. was selected into the list of green design products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2021. This honor is another great achievement after Qilu Paint won the title of national "green factory" in 2020, which indicates that Qilu Paint is moving towards the goal of improving the green manufacturing system, fully implementing green manufacturing and realizing the green and low-carbon recycling transformation and development.

In order to further implement the green manufacturing project, speed up the construction of the green manufacturing system, and give full play to the demonstration and driving role of advanced models of green manufacturing. In recent years, Qilu Lacquer Industry has put the concepts of green design, green technology, green production, green management and green recycling into the whole process of product manufacturing, developed a batch of safe and reliable green products, and realized green manufacturing on the basis of green design.

This time, it was recognized as a national-level "green design product", which not only enhanced the product competitiveness of Qilu lacquer industry again, but also further strengthened the influence of Qilu brand. In the future, Qilu paint industry will focus on the green development strategy and the "14th Five-Year Plan" development goal, continuously introduce green and low-carbon innovative products, and contribute to the green environmental protection and sustainable development of enterprises and the national "double-carbon" goal.

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