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Open environmental information

(1) Basic information, unit name: Shandong Qilu Paint Industry Co., Ltd.; Unified social credit code: 91371500748276636; Legal representative: Wu Linhua; Address: No.1 Yansi Industrial Zone, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province; Contact: 0635-8721107; Main contents, products and scale of production and management services: alkyd resin paint (45,000 tons/year), amino resin paint (500 tons/year), epoxy resin paint (500 tons/year), acrylic resin paint (500 tons/year), oxidized rubber paint (500 tons/year), nitrocellulose paint moistureproof agent (100 tons Production and marketing of water-based coatings, water-based fireproof coatings and adhesives.

 (II) Pollution discharge information: main pollutants: 1. Waste gas, which mainly includes NOx in boiler atmosphere produced by natural gas boilers, VOCs organic gas produced in the production process and organic waste gas produced by hazardous waste storage in hazardous waste rooms; 2. Particulate matter: mainly dust generated in the feeding process in the production process; 3. Discharge mode: after being collected and treated by environmental protection equipment, it is discharged through the vent pipe; Number and distribution of discharge ports: 1 exhaust pipe of boiler in power workshop; 1 "zeolite runner+rotary RTO" exhaust vent; One exhaust vent for waste gas in the waste room; One exhaust vent of process waste gas in alkyd resin paint grinding workshop; 2 exhaust pipes of process waste gas in paint workshop; 4. Wastewater, mainly domestic sewage, enters the urban sewage pipe network for treatment; 5. Noise is mainly produced by machinery and equipment during production. 6. The annual output is about 50 tons of resin filter residue, about 0.5 tons of waste paint residue, about 2 tons of waste paint samples, about 1 ton of waste oil such as waste engine oil, about 20 tons of paint-containing impurities such as waste activated carbon, waste filter elements and waste packaging materials containing paint, and about 1 ton of paint-containing waste rubber gloves. Now, Shandong Lijing Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a hazardous waste disposal enterprise, is entrusted for transfer and disposal.

 (three) the construction and operation of pollution control facilities

 Since 2020, the company has spent more than 20 million yuan to add a set of "zeolite wheel+rotary RTO" waste gas treatment equipment to collect and treat VOC waste gas in resin workshop, alkyd paint workshop and industrial paint workshop. After upgrading the environmental protection equipment, the expected goal and effect have been achieved. In the future work, our company will continuously increase the investment in environmental protection funds, continuously improve the infrastructure of comprehensive waste gas control, consolidate the achievements already made, and focus on establishing a long-term environmental protection operation mechanism to put an end to all over-standard pollution discharge phenomena, and finally make the company's environmental protection work to a new level.

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